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Samsung OLED panel factory fire does not affect the iPhone 8 panel supply

Report pointed out that the Samsung Display plant in Cheonan city 9 days out of the fire accident, the outside world is worried about the impact of Apple's iPhone8 OLED panel supply; dramexchange Consulting's WitsView Research Associate Qiu Yubin yesterday (10) pointed out, it is understood that the fire location is near the A1 plant outside the region, because not in the fire, has no influence on the operation and production should, for the first half of the new machine panel under iPhone supply concerns, Samsung is currently planning the production of panel in A3, and is not directly related to A1.
Qiu Yubin said, even if the impact of A1 capacity, because the factory is OLED 4.5 generation plant, only hard OLED, the recent hard OLED demand by the mobile phone environment in the doldrums revised, coupled with the mobile phone panel is the supply and demand of the same pile up in excess of requirement, co..
South Korean media reports, Samsung Display in Chungnam Cheonan city (Cheonan) workshop yesterday spread of fire, the fire broke out at the cooling tower assembly line is mainly responsible for the supply of electricity and chemical building materials, in the nearly 1 hours to put out the fire, no casualties, as the cause of the fire is not Samsung Display external description.
According to South Korean media reported earlier, Samsung Display in Chungnam City, Asan City, Tian An (Asan) (3) OLED panel production line, the OLED panel will supply iPhone8, in response to market demand, Samsung also in the evaluation of the construction of new plants in.
Yesterday the market attracted concerns whether the fire effects on OLED panel supply apple iPhone 8; Qiu Yubin said, it is understood that the fire location is near the A1 plant outside the region, because it is not in the fire, and Samsung planning in A3 production of apple iPhone8 panel, is not directly associated with A1, so it has nothing to do with apple iPhone8 shipments the.
As for the impact on the industry, Qiu Yubin believes that the link is not big, his analysis, mainly because of the hard OLED demand is not very good, plus in the off-season, so the loss in the production of the short term and will not have much impact, at present and in the flagship high-end mobile phone, including Samsung itself. Most of the flexible OLED panel majority, Tian A1 is hard OLED is old, and there is not much market demand.


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