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Data interpretation LED chip industry growth behind the thrust"

LED Consulting Research Center (LEDinside) data show that in 2016 China's LED chip market reached 13 billion 900 million yuan, after the 2015 -7% recession, the chip industry in 2016 ushered in 9% growth. Is the growth of the chip industry motivated by downstream application side requirements? Not really. First look at a set of data.
Figure 1: China's LED lighting exports (million U.S. dollars)
Data source: China Customs, LEDinside finishing
This is the data of China's LED lighting exports, taken from China customs. As can be seen from the diagram, in 2016, LED lighting exports grew by only 2%. As the biggest application field of LED, the market demand of lighting has been increasing rapidly in the past few years. However, in 2016, the growth momentum has become a little insufficient, and the lighting industry has entered a mature stage.
While the backlight area, although the average size of TV has increased, but with the promotion of technology, the unit area required LED particles decreased, the backlight industry has entered a recession.
To say that there is no end market driven, nor is it entirely correct. In 2016, the small spacing display market continue to maintain rapid growth, the LED chip market demand has a positive role, but the small spacing display market size is relatively small, the impetus for the chip industry co..
The field of automotive lighting market and technology are mainly concentrated in the hands of international manufacturers, and the driving force of China's chip industry is not obvious. Other plants, lighting, medical lighting and other emerging areas are still in the initial stage, basically negligible.


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